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Men's leather belt

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The men's leather belt: the Fursac man's must-have accessory

At Fursac, we specialize in the art of tailoring. Like our suits, our men's leather belts are designed with expertise and passion. And while their primary function is to tighten trousers, they never fail to procure an immaculate style. Our men's leather belts are more than just accessories. Whether classic or more original, they are natural extensions of your trousers. Take the time to choose the men's belt that will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. 


Which trousers go best with a men's leather belt?

Men's belts go hand-in-hand with men's trousers. Before choosing one, you always have to consider the other. You can't go wrong with men's straight leg trousers: these men's trousers are perfect for any occasion, whether you're at work, on holiday or at a party. Easy to wear, they can be paired with any men's belt. For an important meeting or a special occasion like a wedding, opt for a tuxedo or suit trousers. As for your belt, keep it simple: a formal and elegant belt will add a touch of panache to your outfit.


How do I choose the color of a men's leather belt?

For a discreet and sophisticated style, opt for a belt in the same color as your men's trousers. To highlight your belt, we recommend coordinating it with your shoes: a men's black leather belt with black shoes and light-colored trousers (or a light-colored belt and shoes with black trousers) is the perfect combination for those in search of a chic and elegant outfit. 


Fursac: the art of being unique

The Fursac man enjoys asserting his style with a refined and sophisticated wardrobe that is in line with the times. He therefore carefully chooses the clothes that reflect his tastes and personality. Discover our creations in our e-shop or one of our stores in France, Belgium or Spain and get ready to shine.