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Men's light yellow suit Fursac - C3CIXE-DC04-E002

Men's Ties

Remember this a busy man needs as many shirts as he does ties. But this isn’t a reason to buy six of the same (unless of course you are truly in love with one particular design) or skimp on quality. Know how to punctuate your silhouette with men’s ties that are resolutely chic and judicious, without ever forgetting to have fun while you’re making your choices.

The men’s ties offered by Fursac are divided into three categories:  the slim ties (6cm), the regular ties (7cm) and the knitted ties (6cm). Once you have identified your model of choice, according to your suits and personal taste, opt for a black tie or a blue tie, a men’s tie in silk, jacquard or wool. And because patterns don’t have to be associated with inelegance or eccentricity, select one of the men’s ties with discreet patterns offered by the brand (such as the dotted Swiss or various prints on silk), all of which are easy to match with the suits and shirts in the collection.

Most of the Fursac ties are made from silk, that empress of noble materials whose naturally continuous thread is removed from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori caterpillar, also known as the “silk worm”. It features in the heart of the collection under the names of “Madder” (silk whose matt, velvety and always dark appearance is ideal for patterns), “Ottoman” (denoting a ribbed weave) as well as “Grenadine” (lighter and more textured ties). Every one of the brand’s silk ties is finished with a slip stitch which, housed at the interlining of a man’s tie, restores its original shape after having been stretched.

In terms of silhouette understanding balance when choosing a men’s tie will ensure it doesn’t contradict with your global appearance. If you wear a slim fit suit with narrow lapels choose a man’s tie that is also slender. With a wider suit, the opposite applies. Finally choose a four in hand knot for the most slender ties, and the half-Windsor knot for larger ties. Once your choice has been made don’t forget that the Fursac e-boutique offers ideal boxes for storing your treasures.