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Discover the elegance of Fursac men's polo shirts

The men's polo shirt is no longer just for athletes. A timeless garment on tennis courts and polo fields, the men's polo shirt has become increasingly popular over the years, and is now an absolute must-have for every man's wardrobe. 


Simple and assertive

Less formal than a button-down shirt but dressier than a T-shirt, the men's polo shirt is the perfect choice for staying elegant during weekend getaways and holidays. Ideal around town or at the office, it never fails to add a touch of style to your outfit. 


Trendy and adapted to every season

Often associated with the world of rugby, the men's long sleeve polo shirt has shed its purely sporty reputation to become the ultimate casual chic garment. Pair it with white jeans or some colorful chino trousers: two outfits that will go perfectly with a mismatched jacket. In the summer, opt for a men's short sleeve polo shirt and some cotton Bermudas for a comfortable outfit that lets you move freely. 


Easy to mix and match, Fursac men's polo shirts come in a wide range of colors, including blue, red, beige and green. Wardrobe essentials, our men's polo shirts are crafted from carefully selected materials that are incredibly durable. 


Feel free to ask the advisors in our stores or e-shop for help choosing the right cut, size and color.