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Men Round Neck Jumper

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Men's round neck jumpers: an essential part of every wardrobe

Practical and chic with a button-down shirt and tie or a basic T-shirt, the men's round neck jumper is a must-have for every Fursac man. Perfect for any occasion, a men's jumper in grey, black or navy blue will look great with any outfit. You can also choose brighter colors to create bold and offbeat looks.


Fursac men's round neck jumpers: materials of the highest quality

Driven by traditional know-how and a passion for elegant clothing, Fursac is extremely demanding when it comes to its fabrics. Thin yet warm, merino wool is an excellent choice for an all-season men's round neck jumper. And there's nothing like a men’s cashmere jumper for when autumn gives way to winter: insulating and breathable, your men's round neck jumper will keep you both comfortable and warm.


Fursac know-how

Immaculate cuts, handmade details, exquisite materials developed in partnership with the finest drapers...Fursac is an expert in the art of combining technical precision with bold looks. Fursac applies its same rigorous standards to its chino trousers for men, men's suits, men's shirts and men's round neck jumpers with ribbed trim, all of which are incredibly fashionable and durable. 


Visit our e-shop or stores to find your next go-to men's round neck jumper. While there, check out our men's coats: one-of-a-kind garments that dazzle with their functional and sophisticated style, our coats are designed to be worn again and again until they become the vintage items of tomorrow.